hoping for the best

One of my sweet roommates went to the ER the other night with a temperature of 104. Holy moly. I immediately loaded myself up with Vitamin C, Wellness Resistance Formula, and began boiling a brew to kill nasty bacteria (boiling garlic, onion, cayenne, lemon, oregano, and honey – you will NOT smell good). I luckily have not been eating much meat (animal products do not help when you’re ill), and I have been eating lots of green veggies (which do help you). But, alas, last night I had a temperature of 99. I continued to drink my “brew”, take vitamin C, and lots of water. As of now, I am feverless (fingers crossed, please). Although I have a normal temperature, I am choosing to rest all day and fill my body with fluids and nutrients. While laying in bed I watched two extremely inspirational films. The trailers are attached below, and both are available on Netflix.

Prevention is key. Americans are so used to treating the PROBLEM, not the cause. Take care of yourself before something even arises. Good luck this cold and flu season! Stay well!





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