happy trails

Every year I (claire), claim to hate New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, I make them, do them for a week, and then they are forgotten. This year I have changed that idea to New Year’s Intentions. 

“Intention” is definitely a less scary word to me than a resolution. It takes a bit of that pressure off. So, in the year of 2012, I have the intention of taking care of myself. Pretty broad – but can include mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I will be consciously aware of my emotions, if I feel well, and if I feel connected to something bigger than myself, whatever that may be. 

Also, I have a history of searching for a geographical cure. Meaning, if anything goes wrong, I am out of here. I move, I go out of town, etc. I always think I have to drive somewhere amazing to have a good time. In 2012, I will be exploring Alabama. What does this beautiful state have to offer? If you’re interested, please post your favorite hikes or outdoor adventure. This week, I went back to basics and hiked out at Ruffner Mountain. I will continue to post my trails. So, let’s see what ol’ Bama can do….

Happy Trails,




One thought on “happy trails

  1. 1. South alabama tour – Orange beach, fairhope
    2. West alabama tour – Perry lakes birding tower, canoeing the cahaba, “the beach”, pie lab!
    3. East Alabama – fred’s pickin parlor, old 280 boogie
    4. North Alabama – Florence, Alabama ; mentone

    Let’s plan!

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