what a nice day :)

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.  ~Winston Churchill

Today was lovely. After finishing up some of my daily tasks, I took some time to go be with my horse and my dogs. I can always get a mirror image of my day by looking at my horse. If I am calm, she is calm. If I am scared, she is scared. If I am happy, she is happy. It is an amazing bond between horses and humans. Whenever I approach any horse, I take a deep breath and think about my emotions in the moment. Today I was happy, confident, and peaceful. My horse, Guinness, immediately responded to my positive energy. She was focused on me, and acted quite relaxed. So, I after some time grooming, we went for a ride in the woods with my pups, Arlo and Scarlet, close behind. I was so joyful for that entire ride. It was me, the woods, and my animals. Such a great day. Just wanted to share 🙂

I hope everyone gets to experience days full of serenity.

much love,


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