My life is crazy busy right now. Crazy busy in a great way. I am filled with gratitude for the amazing work/educational opportunities that have come my way recently. When life is busy, I typically “forget” to exercise and make excuses to eat an unhealthy meal. As my physical health goes downhill, so does my mental and spiritual well-being. So, here is a friendly reminder to: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Your whole self. Inside. Outside. The whole deal.

Yoga seems to satisfy a large aspect of physical, mental, and spiritual health for me. I challenge my mind, body, and soul for the hour+ that I am on a mat. If my mind wanders to my life tasks,etc. I gently bring myself to present. Today was a long and tiring day, and my yoga practice was challenging. My mind was all over the place and my body was screaming at me to STOP! I literally had to repeat in my brain “Stay present. Stay present. Stay present.” It worked. I completed a wonderful class and was able to leave feeling refreshed and proud.

If you are a Birminghamian check out The Yoga Circle. Support your local business and meet talented and gifted instructors.



I am very grateful for this day. I am grateful for all the love and inspiration that I receive from my Higher Power whenever I ask. I just stop and tune in to this universal energy and am transformed to the level of my willingness.

Excerpt from A Time for Joy by Ruth Fishel


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