Car Searching…

I am exhausted just typing out those words… searching. Especially searching for a used car! I have been used car searching for about 4 months. The only time it became fun was when it was time to talk numbers and I learned how to negotiate! So I thought I would share with you my journey and things I wish I did differently.

I started this adventure off with a bad experience. I found a dream car and fell in love with it! Well it turned out that the dreammmm car was not in the shape that I could afford to fix. I discovered this within 24 hours of my commitment to the car….PAPERS WERE SIGNED!!!!! So I had to go through the trouble to reselling the car….which does not look good. Would you buy a car from someone who has owned it for 2 weeks?! A miracle happened and I watch my dreammm car drive off in the distance with its new owner just wishing good thoughts for him : /.

Now it was time to get serious. I searched every single car website and had a handy notebook with me writing down all the cars I could see myself driving. At this time I am searching for cars that are in my price range to be able to fix. Then its time to set a day to go out to the dealerships. WOW what an experience. My brother told me to go in there with only the request to look at the car I found on websites and for me to stick with my budget! He warned me that they would try to convince me to test drive other cars that are not on my list or in my budget. The first 3 dealerships I was on fire!! Walked in, not much small talk, drove the car, and made sure the salesman saw that I had a list of cars I was perusing. I would thank him for his time and let him know I would call if his car made my top 3 list. Well my 4th dealership of the day….I don’t know what happened??? It happened so fast!!! I was driving a car with 20 miles on it and fully loaded!!!! And I should add… definitely not in my budget. Oops. I have fallen head over heels for this brand new car smell vehicle. It was just calling out to me….we made a connection. And the best thing about it was that the salesman was going to work with me for an easy monthly payment!! WAhooo!! Later that evening I go to my brothers to give him the exciting news that I will be committed to a car payment for 4 years. And he graciously brought me back to reality. 🙂 What brothers are for….. Back on the train now, accepting that I have a budget and I will find a car that I love within that budget!! So I get back on the internet and search, search, search. I have found a liking for Nissan Altimas and noticed that I had a lot of them on my list. The next day I go and test drive an Altima. Well surprise, surprise, I LOVE it. It is not in my budget, but could possibly be 🙂 I thought maybe if I brought my brother in with me we could talk this young salesman down a couple grand. HA! It didn’t work but it was so much fun! I stuck to my grounds and said “Well thank you for your time. If you change your mind you have my number. I love your car and thats the only one I want from your lot. But if you can’t give me the deal I will find someone who can.” I looked at my brother with the eyes that mean….get your butt up and don’t look back. I was sad driving off the lot without that perfect Altima, but knew in my heart that my car was still out there just waiting for me to pick it up. More days and more salesman go by, nothing really grabbing my attention. Until the day my mom decided to go with me. The second dealership of the day and more Altimas. We see a RED Altima, but on the side it said hybrid. My moms eyes light up and I continue to play it cool. I let the salesman know that the color is not my style but I am willing to give it a spin. It was my first time to drive a hybrid and I loved it! I ended having “my guy” , Raj Sherrill, with Sherrill Auto Paint and Body (fantastic company!!) look at the car and give me the go ahead. Sherrill Auto let me know that its a good car to purchase,  but suggest a price to offer. I’m thinking man I really don’t want to walk away from the car, but I may have to. I go into the dealership and they accept my offer! Southtown Motors, in Pelham, were nothing but nice and professional with me! Any request I had, Southtown Motors fulfilled. I am one grateful lady now that this whole thing is over!!

I wish I had listened to my best friend and fellow SouthernPhriedMama when she voiced her concern about my dreammm car. And to my brother when he had the same concerns. I wish I had read more reviews!! The reviews are out there for us!! It is vert smart to read up on them, as I did with the //2007 Nissan Altima hybrid// I will do my part now in writing some reviews.  Also if you have someone who is experienced in all this, talk to them! I don’t know what I would have done without my brother. He taught me so much through this experience. The biggest thing he taught me was to pick a budget and stick with it! Feel free to email @ if you have questions about buying a car. I would love to give you our opinions.

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I hope you have a fantastic day! Here is a little quote out of Tian Dayton, PH,D book, Daily Affirmations for Forgiving and Moving On…

Lead me from the unreal to the real.

Lead me from darkness to light.

Lead me from death to immortality.

                                                                          Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Much love,

C & M


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