Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a

We are big advocates of label reading! By simply reading ingredients on body products and food products will open your eyes wide to what is going in and on your body. Goal for this week: Read your toothpaste!

Sadly, most toothpastes contain harmful dyes, chemicals, flavoring, and sweeteners. Yes, sweetener. (Lordy, we will give the anti-artificial-sweetener spill anther day). Why not try to make this switch this week? These tasty pastes have been proven to work, without the nasty chemicals. This is one more step in removing harsh products from your sweet body 🙂

What to look for:

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – SLS is used to create the foaming action you may expect when brushing your teeth. You’ll find it in other cosmetic products (e.g., shampoo, body washes, etc) as well. SLS is a problem because it can damage your cells. It can leave you with canker sores and other skin problems.

Sodium laureth sulfate – This ingredient is known to be an irritant.

Fluoride – This ingredient may be linked to cancer. Some scientists think that it can actually be damaging to your teeth over time.

Petroleum dyes such as FD & C Blue No. 1 – This artificial dye may cause allergic reactions and possibly tumors


Want more specifics?

Want to try our favorites?

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Head over to your local health food store, and even some conventional grocers are selling this! Spread the word, and brush your teeth!

much love,

C & M


4 thoughts on “Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a

  1. As a kid (and as a teenager) I had huge problems with canker sores, and so did one of my friends. Her dentist told her to quit using tartar control toothpaste. He said the harsh chemicals in tartar control toothpaste caused most canker sores. We both quit using it. Turns out that dentist was right…

  2. Hi Claire & Mallie!
    Just stumbled upon your blog via facebook. I’m ready to make the switch to an all natural, no chemical shampoo and conditioner. I recently purchased the EveryDay Shea Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner from whole foods and my hair does not feel soft and clean like it usually does. Will there be an adjustment period or did I pick the wrong product? My hair is naturally thick, wavy, and sometimes frizzy…any suggestions?


    • Hi Lane!
      No chemical shampoo and conditioner is definitely different. You typically will not get the super soapy effect that drug-store shampoo creates, and the conditioner is not going to be quite as silky. But it works! It just takes time to adapt. However, I actually had the same problem with that particular product (EveryDay Shea). I have fairly dry, extremely curly hair. To decrease frizz I put a little bit of coconut oil in my hair right after a shower. If you want to get ultra pure you can wash with only Baking Soda and condition with Vinegar. Yep. Sounds gross – but works! I’ll do more research and do a full post soon!

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