Heels are a rare occasion for these ladies, however Kork-Ease are too cute and comfortable to pass up. We stumbled upon these shoes a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. They are easy to dress up or down – wearing with jeans or a cute sun dress. At some point, we have to put down the Chacos and slip into a pair of heels.

Kork-Ease shoes were huge in the 1970’s and have made a rather large comeback in recent years with everyone wearing wedges. Hand-crafted, well-made shoes are worth spending more on. When buying mass produced shoes for less, you get less quality and zero comfort. If you are groovy girls, like us, and don’t care for high heels – test out some Kork-Ease! You won’t regret it!

Much love,

C & M

From Kork-Ease:

“Kork-Ease fashions much of its footwear with Vachetta leather to achieve a distinct sophistication.

Ecological, biodegradable and environmentally safe, Vachetta is naturally tanned exclusively in Tuscany. The crisp Tuscan springs possess the only water in the world that can tan the Vachetta leather to the perfect color and texture.

Because it’s untreated and unfinished, Vachetta leathers develop a rich, lustrous patina over time. The natural patina showcases a delicate sophistication, and a one-of-a-kind look.

{Below are Claire’s newest pair and all time favorites…}

A classic pair. Claire's first Kork-Ease

Want some?



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