Becoming a “Locavore”

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This will be the first of many posts on eating local. We wanted to give a shout out to our local market, Oak Street Garden Shop and Local Market. This quaint market is just a bike ride away for us. There is such a gratifying feeling when we walk out with a sack of groceries that were grown in our state.
Yes, local food costs more. But the benefits are well worth it. First, local food stays fresher longer because there little to no travel time. Conventional fruits and veggies can travel 1500 miles or more to get to your grocery store! Nutrients and freshness are lost during that travel time.

What to buy now in the South?
ApplesBlueberriesCantaloupesCornCucumbersEggplantLima BeansOkraPeachesPeasPecansPollock (Alaskan),PotatoesSnap PeasSweet PotatoesTomatoesWatermelon

(for more check out Sustainable Table for a list of foods in your region! )

A few tips:

  • Find your local farmers markets
  • If you have kids, or want to feel like a kid, go berry picking at a farm near you.
  • Meet your local farmers.
  • Grow your own veggies! Not only a great way to produce your own food, but a nice way to be outside and enjoy nature.
Good reads:
“The Locavore Way” by Amy Cotler – Great, easy read with tips on becoming a “Locavore”. This book is AWESOME!
We hope this was a little inspiration to go shop local this week! Try it out. Savor the flavor.
Click here for a beautiful Sunday song to play while you read 🙂
Much Love,
C & M

2 thoughts on “Becoming a “Locavore”

  1. Claire and Mallie,
    Thanks so much for the shout out!! Love your blog…
    Everyone at Oak Street Garden Shop and Local Market

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