Stinky summer pits? How about a Pitty Party?

Natural deodorant is something we truly believe in.  The first step in switching is to read the ingredients on your current deodorant. Aluminum? Probably the top ingredient. Basically, aluminum CLOGS your pores and prevents sweat. The FDA allows aluminum in to products in a controlled amount, but companies are not required to prove this specific amount. The main arguments against aluminum claim that it accumulates in the brain over time, potentially causing alzheimer’s as well as breast cancer. Also, most deodorants will include parabens; which you will come to find we are very careful about. Aluminum may be listed as:

  • aluminum chlorohydrate
  • ammonium aluminum sulfate
  • potassium aluminum sulfate
  • aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly

{Source: Green Living Ideas (}

I think I’ll play it safe and go the natural way.

At first, your body will need some time to adjust from a chemical filled deodorant to one with purely essential oils and other naturally occurring ingredients. Stick with it! For a little extra protection on those sticky and hot summer days – add a little body powder.

Our Favorite:

Pitty Party by Cheeky Maiden Soap Co.

Only Five Ingredients!

Talk about natural and local! This deodorant is made right here Alabama!

You can find the Cheeky Maiden herself at Pepper Place Farmer’s Market or order her fabulous products from:

or follow her on Twitter @CheekyMaiden

This may be daunting for some of you, but it is worth it! What goes on your skin, soaks in your body! Be conscious! Be aware!

much love,

C & M


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