…i like coconuts…

Our favorite brand so far...

Hi friends! We wanted to share a lil’ somethin’ about coconut oil with you. We’ve often been asked “what’s the best face lotion?” Honestly, coconut oil. For less than $10 this ALL NATURAL lotion moisturizes to perfection and makes skin BABY soft. If you have dry skin, add lavender oil to soothe. If you are more oily, add peppermint oil to soak it up! 

To add a scent to your oil, run the jar under hot water until the oil is quite liquidy. Add a few drop to your favorite oil, let the jar of oil re-harden, and voila! You have scented oil.

Besides coconut oil being great for your skin and hair, coconut oil has such a great taste! We use it as a substitute for butter while cooking our yummy sunny side up eggs or when we want to scramble it up! 

We like to keep our coconut oil on the counter instead of the refrigerator (it makes it easier to use). 

Happy Thursday! Smile at someone today, tell them something they would enjoy. Maybe you’ll find that you get more out of it than the random person! 

much love,

C & M 

Where to buy Coconut Oil? Visit Whole Foods or any health foods store near you. Also, most plain old grocery stores are selling them now.

But just a secret between us… if you are a skeptic, go into Whole Foods and ask for a sample… they love to help you out!


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